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KW1 KW2 Report Title Project-Acronym Year Link
2   Hydrogeological and static structural geological model implementation - Modeling Scenarios COSMA 2014
2   Geological CO2 storage and other emerging subsurface activities - Best practice: monitoring strategy & methods for groundwater protection COSMA 2014
2   Geological CO2 storage and other emerging subsurface activities – Countermeasures against risks arising from shale gas exploration COSMA 2014
2   Characterization of European managed aquifer recharge (MAR) sites - Analysis DEMEAU 2014
3   Final Report on the Implementation of a Wetland Module for the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) AQUISAFE 2014
3   Efficiency of implemented mitigation systems to control diffuse pollution in agricultural landscapes AQUISAFE 2014
1 12 Results of pilot-scale dewatering trials performed in Braunschweig. Assessment of various operational factors on centrifugation performances DECAMAX 2014
1 12 Phosphorpotenziale im Land Berlin – Abschlussbericht P-POT 2014
8   Verbundprojekt Mikrobielle Verockerung, Teilprojekt 5: Untersuchung der Abhängigkeit zwischen dem Auftreten mikrobieller Verockerung und den hydrochemischen und betrieblichen Eigenschaften von Trinkwasserbrunnen. ANTIOCKER 2014
3 17 Pilot Sites for Mitigation of Diffuse Pollution in Ic Amont Catchment (Brittany). D 2.2 AQUISAFE 2014
1 14 Recommendations for energy positive wastewater schemes. D 1.1 - Final project report CARISMO 2014
1 9 Optimization of flocculation for tertiary filtration processes and evaluation of sustainability of tertiary wastewater treatment OXERAM2 2014
3 16 Stickstofflimitation in Binnengewässern – Ist Stickstoffreduktion ökologisch sinnvoll und wirtschaftlich vertretbar? Abschlussbericht NITROLIMIT1 2014
3 16 Stickstofflimitation in Binnengewässern - Teilprojekt: Sensitivitätsanalyse zur Modellierung des Stickstoffumsatzes in Fließgewässern und Life Cycle Assessment von Reinigungsverfahren. NITROLIMIT1 2014
3 18 Relevanz organischer Spurenstoffe im Regenwasserabfluss Berlins - Zwischenbericht OgRe 2014
2 16 Geological CO2 Storage and other subsurface emerging activities: Catalogue of potential impacts on drinking water production COSMA 2013
2 7 Hybrid concepts for MAR with reclaimed water for non-potable reuse OXIMAR1 2013
    Tertiary treatment combining ozonation and membrane filtration – Pilot scale investigations OXERAM2 2013
    Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Costing of tertiary treatment schemes OXERAM2 2013
    Abschlussbericht OXERAM 2 OXERAM2 2013
    Feasibility of the microsieve technology for advanced phosphorus removal OXERAM2 2013
    Role of organic substances in tertiary treatment via oxidation and membrane filtration OXERAM2 2013
    Guidelines for the use of online fouling monitoring in tertiary treatment OXERAM2 2013
    Eco-engineering systems for removal of micropollutants from WWTP effluents – Existing knowledge EcoTreat 2013
    Report on risk analysis, best practices and lessons learned from existing geothermal projects in Germany COSMA 2013
    Hydrogeological and static structural geological model implementation - Technical Report COSMA 2013
    WELLMA2 Synthesis report WELLMA2 2013
    Review of sewer deterioration models SEMA 2013
    Review of available technologies and methodologies for sewer condition evaluation SEMA 2013
    Documentation of acquired data and conceptual model of MAR impact input for WP5 modelling SAPH PANI 2013
    Risikoanalyse des Eintrags mikrobieller Kontamination in Trinkwasserbrunnen und Ableitung von Vermeidungsstrategien – Phase 1. Mikrobiologische Methoden: Stand der Technik RIKO 2013
    Risikoanalyse des Eintrags mikrobieller Kontamination in Trinkwasserbrunnen und Ableitung von Vermeidungsstrategien – Phase 1. Synthesebericht RIKO 2013
    Risikoanalyse des Eintrags mikrobieller Kontamination in Trinkwasserbrunnen und Ableitung von Vermeidungsstrategien – Phase 1. Durchführung und Ergebnisse der Tracerversuche an Brunnen im Wasserwerk Jungfernheide RIKO 2013
    Demonstration of a planning instrument for integrated and impact based CSO control under climate change conditions in Berlin MIA-CSO 2013
    Development of a Catalogue on European MAR Sites - Documentation DEMEAU 2012
    Catalogue of European MAR Sites DEMEAU 2012
8 14 International market review of pumps available for groundwater abstraction OPTIWELLS1 2012
8 14 Optimierung der Energieeffizienz des Trinkwasserbrunnenbetriebes (OptiWells-1) Final Synthesis Report OPTIWELLS1 2012
7 18 Database of relevant pollutants in urban areas and their attenuation at RBF sites. Deliverable 1.1 SAPH PANI 2012
7   Report on existing MAR practice and experience in India, especially in Chennai, Maheshwaram, Raipur. Deliverable D 2.1 SAPH PANI 2012
    Database of baseline data for study sites. Deliverable 5.1 SAPH PANI 2012
    Preliminary models and system design. Deliverable 5.2 SAPH PANI 2012
    Overview of common well regeneration methods WELLMA 2012
    Bank Filtration and Aquifer Recharde for Drinking Water Production: Application, Efficiency and Perspectives - An Integration of NASRI outcomes and International Experiences IC NASRI 2011
8 14 Literature review on theoretical pump and motor efficiency of submersible pump systems OPTIWELLS1 2011
7   Literature Study on Redox Control for Infiltration Ponds and other Subsurface Systems OXIRED2 2011
7   Optimisation of organic compound removal in artificial recharge systems by redox control and enhanced oxidation. Final Report of OXIRED - Phase 2 OXIRED2 2011
7 16 Reactive transport modeling. Deliverable 3.4 OXIRED2 2011
7   Synthesis Report on Practical Implications and Opportunities for Transfer to Field Scale OXIRED2 2011
7   Laboratory column experiments on options for redox control in infiltration ponds for artificial recharge OXIRED2 2011
7 17 Microorganisms in soils & sediments. Detection, quantification and activity. Deliverable 2.2 OXIRED2 2011
7   Decision Support System for Bank Filtration Systems (WP 5.2) TECHNEAU 2011
7   Comparative cost analysis for bank filtration systems and direct surface water use under different boundary conditions (WP 5.2) TECHNEAU 2011
8   WELLMA-DNA End report: Documentation of data acquisition and conclusions WELLMA-DNA 2011
8   Technical guidance for the evaluation of regeneration success (D 4.1.1) WELLMA2 2011
8   Extended summary of the results and conclusions of the preparatory phase of the WellMa project WELLMA1 2011
    Identification of existing mitigation systems that can attenuate nitrates during high flow events from drained, agricultural fields AQUISAFE2 2010
3   Properties of Atrazine and Bentazone AQUISAFE2 2010
7 18 Optimisation of organic compound removal in artificial recharge systems by redox control and enhanced oxidation OXIRED1 2010
7 18 DOC and Trace Organic removal via ozonation & underground passage - expected benefit and limitations OXIRED1 2010
6 9 Scaled-up Trials with a gravity-driven ultrafiltration unit in South Africa (WP 2.5) TECHNEAU 2010
6 9 Development of UV-LED disinfection (WP 2.5) TECHNEAU 2010
8 16 State-of-the-art in the field of well field optimization modelling (WP 5.2) TECHNEAU 2010
8 16 Appliction of a data-driven approach for well field modelling (WP 5.2) TECHNEAU 2010
7   Feasibility Study on Post-treatment Options after Riverbank Filtration in Delhi: Minimum Requirements (WP 5.2.4) TECHNEAU 2010
8   Ergebnisse der bundesweiten DVGW-Umfrage zur Instandhaltung von Brunnen 2009 WELLMA 2010
7   Analysis of the vulnerability of bank filtration systems to climate change by comparing their effectiveness under varying environmental conditions TECHNEAU 2009
7   Bank Filtration Simulator - Manual (WP 5.2) TECHNEAU 2009
8   Identification of sources, pathways into a well and prevention from the risk of having pathogens entering abstraction wells WELLMA 2009
8   Advanced statistical analyses of well data. WELLMA1 2009
8   State of the art of (1) The distinction of well ageing types and their extension, (2.1) Monitoring and diagnosis, (2.2) Maintenance, (3.1) Well design and construction and (3.2) Operation WELLMA1 2009
8   Comparison of direct and indirect diagnosis tools and methods to determine and distinguish clogging WELLMA1 2009
8   Preliminary report on data of all inorganic substances and physicochemical parameters listed in the Indian and German Drinking Water Standards from surface water and groundwater at the 3 (+1) field sites (WP 5.2) TECHNEAU 2008
3 15 Preliminary report on data of all inorganic substances and physicochemical parameters listed in the Indian and German drinking water Standards from surface water and groundwater at the 3(+1) field sites (WP 5.2.3) TECHNEAU 2008
7 18 Occurrence and fate of microbial pathogens and organic trace compounds at riverbank filtration sites in Delhi, India (WP 5.2.6) TECHNEAU 2008
7   IDB International Development of Bank Filtration -Case study India IDB India 2006
4   Auswirkungen urbaner Nutzungen auf den Stoffhaushalt und die Biozönosen von Tieflandflüssen unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Mischwasserentlastung ISM 2006
7   NASRI - Natural Systems for Recharge and Infiltration - Final Report NASRI 2006  
7 18 Organic substances in bank filtration and groundwater recharge - Process studies NASRI 2006
7 18 Occurrence and fate of drug residues and related polar contaminants during bank filtration and artificial recharge NASRI 2006
7 10 Using bacteriophages, indicator bacteria, and viral pathogens for assessing the health risk of drinking water obtained by bank filtration NASRI 2006
7 7 Integrated modelling concepts for bank filtration processes: coupled ground water transport and biogeochemical reactions. NASRI 2006
7 18 Investigating hydrogeological-hydrogeochemical processes during bank filtration and artificial ground water recharge using a multi trace approach NASRI 2006
7 18 NASRI Natural and Artificial Systems for Recharge and Infiltration. Report Period 2001-2002 NASRI 2002
3 17 Continuous Monitoring of Combined Sewer Overflows in the Sewer and the Receiving River: Return on Experience MIA-CSO 2012
1 4 Market Review on Available Instruments for Odour Measurement ODOCO-Artnose 2012
1 4 A planning instrument for an integrated and recipient/impact based CSO control under conditions of climate change (Deliverable 5.4.2) PREPARED 2012
3   Catalogue of European adaptive initiatives of the water sector to face climate change impacts V3 (Updated 2012 Release) PREPARED 2012
3 5 Ammonia toxicity: Impact assessment of combined sewer overflows on the River Spree in Berlin MIA-CSO 2011
3   Development of Toxic Nostocales (Cyanobacteria) in the Course of Declining Trophic State and Global Warming - NOSTOTOX Final Report NOSTOTOX 2011
3 10 GIS approach to localize critical source areas of diffuse nitrate pollution. Case study on the Ic catchment, France AQUISAFE 2010
3 16 Non-numerical methods for the assessment of diffuse nutrient pollution in rural catchments AQUISAFE 2009
3 18 Effects of vegetation and glyphosate on denitrification in constructed wetlands - Feasibility test of technical scale simulation AQUISAFE 2009
3 10 Hydrological and nitrate modelling for the River Ic in Brittany (France) - Simulation results and pre-liminary scenario analysis AQUISAFE 2009
3 9 Retention of agricultural diffuse pollution through constructed wetlands - A case study in Iffendic (France) AQUISAFE 2009
3 9 The utility of agricultural constructed wetlands AQUISAFE 2009
3 16 Selection of a watershed model used to predict the effects of management decisions on water quality based on multi-criteria comparison AQUISAFE 2009
3 18 Diffuse trace contaminants with relevance for drinking water production in rural and semi-rural areas AQUISAFE 2009
3 18 Effectiveness of riparian zones in contaminant mitigation AQUISAFE 2009
4 17 Test und Bewertung von moderner Online-Sensorik zum Kanalnetz- und Gewässermonitoring MONITOR 2009
4 17 Monitoring of Water Quality Parameters in Combined Sewer Overflows / Monitoring von Wassergüteparametern an Mischwasserüberläufen MONITOR 2009
3   Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Revitalisierung der Stadtspree als Lebensraum für die Fischfauna SAM-CSO 2009
3 17 River water quality modelling: Status quo SAM-CSO 2009
3 17 Auswirkungen von Mischwassereinleitungen auf die Berliner Stadtspree SAM-CSO 2009
3 17 Erläuterungsbericht zur weiteren Gewässergütesimulation der Stauhaltung Charlottenburg (Spree und Kanäle) unter Berücksichtigung von Mischwasserentlastungen im September 2005 SAM-CSO 2009
4 16 Applicability of OpenMI and API for coupling models within MIA-CSO SAM-CSO 2009
4   Ermittlung prozessbestimmender / -begrenzender Parameter bei MW-Zufluss auf Kläranlagen. Prüfung der Übertragbarkeit auf die Kläranlagen Berlins EVA 2008
5 15 Analyse der zeitlich hochaufgelösten Niederschlagsdaten 2002 in Berlin EVA 2008
5 15 Bewertung des Potenzials von Online-Niederschlagsmessung und Niederschlagsvorhersage aus Radardaten bezüglich der Verbundsteuerung von Abwasserpumpwerken EVA 2008
4 4 Umsetzung eines Entscheidungshilfesystems zur Verbundsteuerung von Abwasserpumpwerken EVA 2008
4 16 Entwicklung eines Optimierungsmodells für die Abwasserverteilung in Berlin und Implementierung im algebraischen Modellierungssystem GAMS EVA 2008
4 18 Spurenstoffe in Mischwassereinleitungen MONITOR 2008
4 17 An Online-Monitoring and Operating System to Prevent Odour and Corrosion in Sewer Networks Feasibility Study ODOCO-Artnose 2008
5   Immissionsrichtlinien für Mischwassereinleitungen SAM-CSO 2008
3 16 Instationäre, hydronumerische 1D-Berechnung von Wasserstand und Durchfluss in der Stauhaltung Charlottenburg (Spree und Kanäle) für die Abflussjahre 2002 bis 2007 SAM-CSO 2008
3 15 Literature Review on the Open Modelling Interface and Environment (OpenMI) SAM-CSO 2008
5   International practices and standards of Rainwater Harvesting in urban and peri-urban environment and current R&D projects WssTP 2008
4   WSSTP - Urban Pilot Theme 1: Project proposals and Demonstration Sites. Managing rain events and flooding in urban areas WssTP 2008
3 10 Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii and Cylindrospermopsin in Lakes of the Berlin Area -Occurrence, Causes and Consequences (CYLIN) Feasibility Study CYLIN 2007
4   Immissionsorientierte Bewertung von Mischwasserentlastungen in Tieflandflüssen ISM 2007
4 16 Gewässergütesimulation der Stauhaltung Charlottenburg (Spree und Kanäle) unter Berücksichtigung der Mischwasserentlastungen am Beispiel eines Starkregenereignisses im September 2005 ISM 2007
4 16 SPREE2011: AP 1.2 - Schmutzfrachtsimulation zur Bestimmung der hydraulischen und qualitativen Belastung des Regenbeckens SPREE2011 2007
4 16 ISM - Integrated Sewage Management - Final Research Report ISM 2006
7   Retention and elimination of cynobacterial toxins (microcystins) through artificial recharge and bank filtration NASRI 2006
5   Berlinbeach - Erarbeitung eines Verfahrens zur Vermeidung von Einleitungen aus der Mischkanalisation in städtische Fließgewässer Berlinbeach 2004
3   Etude globale sur les cyanobactéries dans la rivière Erdre Travaux de recherche en laboratoire. Rapport final Janvier 2004 ERDRE 2004
3 16 Threshold Values for Oligotrophication of Lake Tegel and Schlachtensee, Berlin - Analysis of System Components and Causalities OLIGO 2004
3   Beteiligung der Öffentlichkeit im Koordinierungsraum Havel PPRP 2004
3   Beteiligung der Öffentlichkeit im Koordinierungsraum Havel (Berlin-Brandenburg) PPRP 2003
1 12 Report on pilot and full-scale trials performed in Braunschweig on codigestion and thermal hydrolysis - Workpackage 3 CoDiGreen 2012
1 11 LCA study of sludge treatment line in WWTP Berlin-Waßmannsdorf: Final report of project CoDiGreen work package 2 CoDiGreen 2012
1 11 LCA study of Braunschweig wastewater scheme: Final report of project CoDiGreen work package 2 CoDiGreen 2012
1 12 Optimisation of energy and nutrient recovery in wastewater treatment schemes (Executive Summary) CoDiGreen 2012
1 12 Optimierung der Energie- und Nährstoffrückgewinnung in der Abwasserbehandlung (Kurzfassung) CoDiGreen 2012
1 10 Risk assessment of Braunschweig wastewater reuse scheme CoDiGreen 2012
1 9 Project AMEDEUS Accelerate Membrane Development for Urban Sewage Purification - Final Activity Report AMEDEUS 2010
1   Untersuchung des Betriebsverhaltens von Kleinkläranlagen unter besonderen Betriebsbedingungen - Vergleichende Studie auf dem Testfeld des BDZ in Leipzig COMPAS 2010
1   Comparative study of small wastewater treatment technologies under special operation conditions COMPAS 2010
1 9 Enhanced Nutrients Removal in Membrane Bioreactor ENREM+ 2010
1 9 Investigation of pre-ozonation on the performance of membrane filtration (Oxeram 1 - D 4.2) OXERAM1 2010
1 18 Treatment of urine with zero-valent iron to minimize the aquatic pollution with compounds emitted by hospitals PharmaTreat 2010
3 9 Scaled-up Trials with a gravity-driven ultrafiltration unit in France (WP 2.5) TECHNEAU 2009
7   Relevance and opportunities of RBF systems in developing and newly-industrialised countries (WP 5.2.3) TECHNEAU 2009
3 9 International Market Survey on Membrane-Based Products for Decentralised Water Supply (POU and SSS Units) (WP 2.5) TECHNEAU 2008
1 9 Enhanced Nutrients Removal in Membrane Bioreactor ENREM: Planning, construction and operation from January 2004 to June 2007 ENREM 2007
1 18 Pilotuntersuchungen zur kombinierten oxidativ-biologischen Behandlung von Klärwerksabläufen für die Entfernung von organischen Spuren- und Wirkstoffen und zur Desinfektion PILOTOX 2007
1   Final report for task 8 of the demonstration project Sanitation Concepts for Separate Treatment of Urine, Faeces and Greywater (SCST): Fertilizer Usage SCST 2007
1   Final cost calculation for the demonstration project Sanitation Concepts for Separate Treatment of Urine, Faeces and Greywater (SCST) SCST 2007
1   Sanitärkonzepte zur seperaten Behandlung von Urin, Fäkalien und Grauwasser (SCST) - Layman Report SCST 2007
1   Sanitation Concepts for Separate Treatment of Urine, Faeces and Greywater (SCST) - Results SCST 2007
1 18 Resource recovery and removal of pharmaceutical residues Treatment of separate collected urine SCST 2007
6 14 Watergy: Energy and Water Efficiency in Municipal Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment - Cost-Effective Savings of Water and Energy TECHNEAU 2007
1 9 NOM-fouling in low flux UF membrane systems (WP 2.5) TECHNEAU 2007
2 7 Results on the background work and data integration of MAR systems for an Integrated Water Resource Management (5.2.11) TECHNEAU 2007
1 9 Project AMEDEUS “Accelerate membrane development for urban sewage purification"" Yearly project activity report n°1 period 0ct 05-sept 06" AMEDEUS 2006
    Separate Collection of Iodinated X-ray Contrast Media in Hospitals: Final Report RKM 2006
6 17 Kausale Zusammenhänge zwischen den Signalen einer optischen Multiparametersonde und Biofilmwachstum in wasserführenden Rohrnetzen - Erste Untersuchungen BIOSENS 2006
1 9 Technical interim report 2006 - Enhanced Nutrients Removal in Membrane Bioreactor (ENREM) ENREM 2006
1 11 Ecological assessment of alternative sanitation concepts with Life Cycle Assessment SCST 2006
  9 Point-of-use membrane systems: place in the world of water supply (WP 2.5) TECHNEAU 2006
    Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii und Cylindrospermopsin in Gewässern der Berliner Region Vorkommen, Ursachen, Auswirkungen CYLIN 2005
1 9 Enhanced Nutrients Removal in Membrane Bioreactor (ENREM) - Progress report 1- LIFE 04 ENV/D/058 ENREM 2005
1 9 Final Report 2005 Preliminary investigations for the Margaretenhöhe MBR demonstration plant ENREM 2005
1 18 Getrennte Erfassung von iodorganischen Röntgenkontrastmitteln in Krankenhäusern: Machbarkeitsstudie RKM 2005
1   Sanitation Concepts for Separate Treatment of Urine, Faeces and Greywater (SCST): Technical Interim Report 2005 SCST 2005
1 9 Progress Report 2004 - Preliminary investigations for the Margaretenhöhe MBR demonstration plant ENREM 2004
1 9 Application of Liquid Chromatography-Online Carbon Detection (LC-OCD) to the understanding of organic fouling in membrane bioreactors (MBRs) IMF 2004
1 9 Machbarkeitsstudie für die Einrichtung eines Informations- und Testzentrums Messtechnik (ITZM) im Wasser- und Abwasserbereich ITZM 2004
2 17 12 Jahre Pilotbetrieb Karolinenhöhe – eine erste Auswertung Karolin 2004
1 9 Sanitation Concepts for Separate Treatment of Urine, Faeces and Greywater (SCST): Progress Report No. 01 SCST 2004
1 9 Evaluation of enhanced biological phosphorus removal process in membrane bioreactors (operation from Oct 2001 to Apr 2002 with a sludge age of 26 days) IMF 2002
1 9 Preliminary Studies on P-removal by Adsorption from MBR filtrates IMF 2002
    Relevanz organischer Spurenstoffe im Regenwasserabfluss Berlins - Abschlusssbericht OgRe 2015
    Weiterentwicklung des Klima- und Ressourceneffizienzpotentials durch HTC-Behandlung ausgewählter Berliner Klärschlämme HTC Berlin 2015
    Review of current asset managment strategies for sewer systems - Results from a survey among European cities SEMA 2013
    Modelling of asset management strategies in Braunschweig SEMA 2015
    Life Cycle Assessment of selected processes for P recovery from sewage sludge, sludge liquor or ash - D9.2 P-REX 2015
    Quantitative risk assessment of potential hazards for humans and the environment: Quantification of potential hazards resulting from agricultural use of the manufactured fertilizers - D9.1 P-REX 2015
    Integral guidance document for phosphorus recovery and recycling - D12.1 P-REX 2015
    Sewer deterioration modelling in Braunschweig SEMA 2015
    Application of the Australian guidelines for water recycling: Managing health and environmental risks DEMEAU 2015
    Hydraulic characterisation of managed aquifer recharge sites by tracer techniques DEMEAU 2015
    Pre-requisites and design criteria for new MAR systems in compliance with EU WFD and GWD (including pre-treatment) DEMEAU 2015
    Demonstration of MAR effects on groundwater resources - development and application of different approaches for risk and impact assessment DEMEAU 2015
    Field investigations and risk assessment in La Vall d'Uixó (Castellón, Spain) DEMEAU 2015
    Field investigations in Sant Vicenç dels Horts (Barcelona, Spain): MAR effects on groundwater resources DEMEAU 2015
    Unique selling propositions DEMEAU 2015
    Final guidelines for sustainability assessment of water technologies DEMEAU 2015
    Appropriate and user friendly methodologies for risk assessment, Life Cycle Assessment and water footprinting DEMOWARE 2015
    Annual progress report on the implementation of water reuse in El Port de la Selva DEMOWARE 2015
    Integration der Spurenstoffentfernung in Technologieansätze der 4. Reinigungsstufe bei Klärwerken IST4R 2015
    Dezentrale Reinigung von Straßenabflüssen - Absschlussbericht DSWT 2015
    Optiwells-2 Synthesis Report OPTIWELLS 2016
    Studie über Effekte und Nebeneffekte bei der Behandlung von kommunalem Abwasser mit Ozon SenBao 2017